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Physician Developed Chelorex Synergistic Oral Chelation Formula. Oral Chelation of Toxic Metals • Reduces Free Radicals • Antioxidant Formulation • Helps Support Healthy Immune Function

CHELOREX™: A new, safe, effective, convenient, and less expensive approach to heavy (toxic) metal chelation or EDTA.

CHELOREX™ is an all natural, physician formulated oral chelation product designed specifically for chronic metal poisoning. Chronic metal poisoning (CMP) represents about 98% of all toxic metal poisoning. It differs from acute metal poisoning (AMP) in that: chronic metal poisoning occurs as a result of prolonged exposure to multiple toxic metals. It usually develops insidiously with gradual onset of symptoms, often barely noticed. AMP occurs suddenly with obvious symptoms, often due to exposure to a single toxic metal .

Chronic metal poisoning is associated with depletion of essential trace minerals and of glutathione and other antioxidants resulting in:

1) Impairment of chemical detoxification mechanisms with associated chemical sensitivities (MCS).

2) Impaired thyroid function due to inability to convert T4 to T3.

3) Mitochondrial dysfunction and impaired oxidative phosphorylation, excessive free radical formation and the release of inflammatory cytokines. This results in fatigue, pain and inflammation, impaired immune function, susceptibility to chronic degenerative disease, accelerated aging, and less than optimal mental and physical functioning.

Synthetic chelation agents such as DMPS and DMSA were formulated for acute metal poisoning (AMP). While they are able to mobilize large amounts of lead, mercury and other metals, they contain no antioxidants to protect the body and have a high incidence of moderate to severe adverse side effects, especially in persons with multiple chemical sensitivities or previously existing liver or kidney damage..

Why is CHELOREX™ your best choice for oral chelation?

Chelorex Oral Chelation for Toxic Metals.(1) Contains no synthetic chelating agents, therefore no dangerous adverse reactions (synthetic chelation agents produce moderate to severe adverse responses in 30% of persons undergoing chelation.)

2) Enhances your body’s natural detoxification mechanisms via multiple routes.

3) Provides support for chemical detoxification by stimulating glutathione synthesis and providing selenium, magnesium and zinc.

4) Natural effective mobilization of toxic metals while avoiding toxic overload of liver and kidneys seen with synthetic chelators.

5) Provides antioxidant protection against free radicals.

6) Marked enhancement of GI excretion with bowel protection.

7) Safe for chemically sensitive persons.

8) No EDTA avoids risk of neurotoxic complex with mercury.

9) Effective for entire spectrum of toxic metals.

10) Most cost effective of all chelators.

11) Only oral chelating agent with clinical studies showing excellent ability to reduce levels of all toxic metals in hair while markedly enhancing urinary and fecal excretion. Other oral chelation agents have no comparable studies (most have no studies at all) or have inadequate levels of chelating agents to be effective.

12) Can be used for long-term protection for persons who must sustain chronic environmental exposure.

13) Contains both water-soluble agents and lipid soluble agents, capable of penetrating the blood-brain barrier and cellular membranes.

In what ways is Metal Flush superior to IV chelation?

(1) CHELOREX™ can be used safely at home, even in persons with amalgam fillings.

(2) A 90 dose course of oral chelation with CHELOREX™ costs a small fraction of the price of IV chelation ($210-280 vs $3000-5000)

(3) Because CHELOREX™ contains no synthetic chemicals, it can be used safely in chemically sensitive people.

(4) Oral chelation with CHELOREX™ avoids the discomfort of IV needles and the inconvenience of going to a doctor’s office or clinic, This is especially welcome news for persons who have poor veins or are markedly overweight.

(5) CHELOREX™ can be used daily and for long periods with appropriate monitoring by hair analysis.

(6) CHELOREX™ has no serious adverse side effects.

(7) CHELOREX™ enhances excretion by multiple pathways ­ intestinal tract, hair, perspiration and urinary tract ­ thus avoiding damage to kidney function

(8) CHELOREX™ does not require a prescription.

(9) Trace mineral depletion is minimized.

(10) CHELOREX™ can be used to protect the body during amalgam replacement.

(11) Multiple components of CHELOREX™ have been shown to protect mitochondrial function.

(12) Oral chelation with CHELOREX™ avoids the problems of toxic redistribution of metals seen with DMPS.

(13) CHELOREX™ removes the full spectrum of toxic metals.

(14) CHELOREX™ supports central and peripheral nervous system function.

How is Metal Flush superior to EDTA?

(1) EDTA forms a neurotoxic complex with mercury which prevents the polymerization of tubulin in the nervous system. See Duhr, et al. HgEDTA complex inhibits GTP interactions with the E site of brain beta-tubulin. Toxicol Appl Pharmacol 122(2): 273-280 (1993).

(2) EDTA is a narrow spectrum chelation agent which removes primarily lead and calcium. Metal Flush has been shown to remove the entire spectrum of toxic metals from aluminum to uranium. This is important because the presence of multiple toxic metals significantly lowers the toxic threshold for each toxic metal present. For example, a given level of mercury will be more toxic if lead is also present and both these levels will be more toxic at a lower level if arsenic or cadmium are also present.

(3) EDTA is known to be poorly absorbed from the gastro-intestinal tract, reducing its effectiveness in the oral form.

(4) CHELOREX™ contains both water soluble and lipid soluble components allowing it to penetrate the blood-brain barrier and cell membrane as well as the extra-cellular space. EDTA has never been shown to penetrate the blood-brain barrier.

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